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1. "Web Designs".

How a web site designed by Serious Profits Connection can benefit you and your business? Every web design created for you applies to basic web design principles:
  • Custom design - allows your web site to personally fit your product.
  • Simple navigation - your visitors will easily flow within your site.
  • Web safe colors - ensures that your site will visually show the same colors regardless of graphics cards - monitors etc. .
  • Custom graphics and logo - to help you brand your company and web site.
  • Basic search engine principles applied to your site - search engines spider web sites to index them and this can increasing your chances at higher search engine ranking.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - We'll work on your new site until you are completely satisfied.

What does all this mean? It means you will display a web site in which visitors will stay to review your information and become long lasting customers
Serious Profits believes that web designing is more than technical jargon slapped on a site but rather a personal extension of its owner and should reflect your personality that fits your product, service or information. As your web site matures into your company's personality it is extremely important that you maintain a clear and concise message throughout your site.

2. "Cost Effective" Web Sites and E-Commerce Sites

We can help you Register your Domain Name.
For the "do it yourself person"
You can set up your Business Website:
  • Easy to set up for shopping cart technology.
  • Technicians available to help you along the way.
  • Online Credit Card acceptance capability
  • Choose from hundreds of site templates.
  • Complete stats
  • Web Based email
  • FTP
  • And Much More.
  • Only need a couple of pages start at $5.95 a month.
  • Web Sites start at $15.95 a month.
  • E-Commerce Sites start at $49.95 a month.

    If you are
    not the do it yourself type or just don't have the time we are here for you.
    Find out how we can help you get your business online.

    Check out a few of our prepackaged Web Design options.
    If you don't see the right package just call and a support technician will answer your questions and try to set up a customized package just for you.
    Check out the our site development packages and find one that fits your needs.

    Need help creating your site not a problem we can help.
    Your input during the entire process of creating
    your web site will effectively give the site your
    own personal touch plus create a site that suites
    your needs. {877} 563-7834

    Join Affiliate Programs that match your product or service
    for FREE and it's easy.

    ** I'm PayPal Verified and you can be too.
    Want to get verified click here and follow the easy step by step instructions.

    Use PayPal and you do not have to purchase a merchants
    account to process orders online. Saves expensive start-up costs
    and monthly minimum fees that you will not have to pay.

  • 3. "Positioning your Web Site for Maximum Sales"

    We have the tools to help you learn how to create high placement rankings in the major Search Engines and the software to help you maintain your rankings.


    Let our experts critique highly focused pages within your
    site for you.Website ranking with a personal touch,
    something that the larger website positioning firms can't offer.

    TIP: Submit only to the Major Search Engines and do it
    manually if you do not have the software to help you.

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    Superb information for anyone who has ever thought of having
    Online Marketing Success.

    We can also help you find appropriate affiliate links and link exchanges to help promote higher visibility and traffic to your site.

    Make your own Hours working from Home.
    Live your dreams with your own home
    Based Business.

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    FREE Shopping Store.
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